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PvP, Skilling Task and General QoL [03/22/2017]



Hope everyone's night is going great! Tonight's update consist of mainly QoL of old and some new content:


  • In response to the poll regarding teleporting in the wilderness: Wilderness Teleport Poll - teleport commands are now disabled while in the wilderness
  • There

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New website, Hiscores, account panels [03/12/2017]

Hello Runique,


Today we launched the new Runique website!

The site contains several new features!


  • New voting system
  • New Hiscore system (Hiscores per game mode)
  • Adventure logs (Boss kills, Achievements, Drops and more!)
  • Personal account page (Check your

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Platinum Tokens - Notes Tab Commands - QoL [03/13/2017]

Hello everyone,


Couple of small updates for tonight's patch. If you haven't already, you may view the latest homepage updates here: Homepage Revamp


  • Platinum tokens have been added. These are a secondary currency worth 1k gp.  You may obtain these tokens by using gp on any b

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Care Package, Barrow Sets, QoL [03/08/2017]

Hello everyone,


Today's update consists of a new diversion called Care Package and some QoL modifications:


  • A new diversion has been added "Care Package" you can find an explanation of how this diversion works at the bottom of this post
  • Added combat bonus passives for co

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