Recent Updates

Mystery Boxes, Dragon Chest, Bonus Slayer Points, QoL

Hello everybody,


We have a list of updates that we hope everyone enjoys! I'd like to take the time to remind our community that ;;suggest is a great way to share your ideas as I look into these extremely often to see what we add into Runique. My job is to add features and content that o

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Wilderness Changes, Bug Fixes, QoL

Hello everybody,


This update was mainly to fix the bug with ;;store items not working and some other things like play time. I did delay it a bit so we can add some QoL and other small things that were suggested


  • Added new items to the Limited Stock in ;;store:
    • Relex

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Presets, Wilderness Keys, QoL

Good evening everyone,


Tonight's update is a collection of suggestions that I went over and added


  • Added ability to create presets. They can be accessed through Bank's right-click options (client update required)
  • Added Wilderness Keys. You can get Wilderness keys from k

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Slayer Fixes, Dagannoth Spawns, Bug Fixes

Hello everyone,


Fast update to fix a couple of things tonight

  • Dagannoth spawns have been added to Waterbirth Island Dungeon
  • Fixed bug where the XP was incorrect when claiming Slayer XP from no-prayer tasks
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't teleport to nechryael slayer task

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