Recent Updates

H'ween Event & Fixes [10/17/17]

Hey everyone,


The following updates listed have been implemented over the last few updates (oldest to newest):


  • Dark crab fishing spot has been added to the Wilderness Resource Area. This requires 85 fishing aswell as dark fishing bait.
  • Fishing Spots in Wilderness Res

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Additions and Bug Fixes [10/01/2017]

Hello everyone,


The following are included in tonight's patch:


Player Bounty

  • Players can talk to the Emblem Trader in Edgeville to receive a Player Bounty task. The task will require you to kill a Bounty Hunter target in some unique fashion. Upon killing your target on t

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Toolbelts & Bug Fixes [09/19/2017]

Hello everyone,


The list of patch notes for today's update:


  • Added a toolbelt alongside a toolbelt equipment slot, this holds a tier of toolbelt which can range from bronze-dragon. Each type can hold different type of tools. For now, you may get bronze toolbelt from the gene

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Bug Fixes and QoL [08/28/2017]

Hello everyone,


Couple of minor bug fixes and QoL updates:


  • UIM skilling actions have been debuffed from 10,000 gp to 1,000 gp per action
  • Blisterwood staff added to Dagannoth Prime drop table
  • UIM will now only receive one dragon bone per drop
  • Leprechaun Ex

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