Recent Updates

UIM Official Release [08/09/2017]

Hello everyone,


  • UIM is now publicly available. We would like to thank all the beta testers, administrators and developers who worked on the game mode. It is not perfect, but the beta made sure there were no game breaking bugs, at least any obvious ones. 
  • The hiscores for UIM is

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Bug fixes [08/11/2017]

Hello everyone,


Just some minor, but crucial fixes taking place this patch. 


  • The "T" option on the chatbox to open the teleport interface should no longer crash the client
  • Discord bot should now be able to log in
  • The magic interface will no longer show negative v

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Looting Bag & UIM Fixes [07/20/2017]

Hello everyone,


Tonight's patch consists of the following:


  • Looting bag will be enabled for staff members to test and will be available to everyone if nothing major is found
  • UIM may no longer request or broadcast duo skilling tasks
  • Fixed the issue with UIM not bei

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Bug Fixes & QoL [07/15/2017]

Hello everyone,


Today's update includes the following fixes and additions:


  • The npcs drops on have been updated
  • Wool has been added to Women drop table
  • Willow branch has been added to Cave Crawlers drop table
  • Wolf Bones have b

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