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Game Patches & Voting Improvements [12/04/2017]



Today I have another set of game patches and general game improvements that have been made to share with you. If you haven't reloaded your client recently, you will need to in order to be able to operate the vote tickets properly. 


Voting Tickets

Players now recei

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Game Patches & Top Bounty Hunter Reward Tiers [11/18/2017]



Over the past week there has been a slue of small changes and game patches that have been made. The majority of the following updates are live while some are still being made. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a reply below or message me.


Top Bo

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Top Bounty Hunter & Changes [11/11/17]

Hello everyone,


The following updates are included in tonight's patch:


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H'ween Event & Fixes [10/17/17]

Hey everyone,


The following updates listed have been implemented over the last few updates (oldest to newest):


  • Dark crab fishing spot has been added to the Wilderness Resource Area. This requires 85 fishing aswell as dark fishing bait.
  • Fishing Spots in Wilderness Res

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