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Draynor Demise - QoLs & Fixes

Hello everyone,


We want to firstly apologize for the slow updates. My time has recently been taken up a lot by working on some of the difficult parts of the clipping system re-work and on top of that my new job IRL. We also want to inform that Leviticus/Josh is no longer a part of the t

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Wilderness Slayer - Hardwood Grove - Rock Golems - QoLs
  • Fixed issue with the Daily skill assigning combat skills and Dungeoneering.
  • Added Bolt racks to HCI shop.
  • Fixed the Catherby cooking range building door not opening/closing.
  • Evil Tree changes:
    • Additional Evil tree locations have been added in the Wilderness.

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Skilling Task Extension - Daily Skills - Golden Chinchompa

Hello everyone,


@Leviticus has been working on some suggestions that have been forwarded from our staff team to his todo list. He has gotten a bit more used to the framework and we should see a lot more coming from him at this point! I have been making progress on the pathfinding rewor

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Bug Fixes

Hello everybody,


We decided to work on bug fixes this week as we've heard some input that we're not focusing enough on them. I do see that bug fixes weren't fully prioritized, but it was due to us trying to add more content in since that was the previous complaints while I was working on

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